Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need a mat?

A: Most people who practise yoga reguarly eventually prefer to get their own mat. I do have eco friendly mats available for you to use (they are made of natural rubber and jute but I also have a standard mat for anyone with latex allergy). I also have natural cork blocks, cotton straps and cushions available for use.


Q: Do I need to be strong or flexible?

A: No. We practise yoga to become stronger and more flexible, as well as many other benefits such as releasing stress and tension, improving circulation, digestion and concentration and balancing the body and mind.


Q: I have a bad back/health condition/hip replacement etc... can I do yoga?

A: Probably yes, although you might need to modify certain poses. Check with your doctor first if you have any doubts and let me know your conditions when you start. Yoga strengthens and realigns the spine and body and can greatly improve back pain and alignment.


Q: Do I need to do handstands?

A: Yes! Not really... I love handstands and armbalances but that might not appeal to you at first...everyone works at their own practice with different options.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: £9 for hour long classes,  £10 for 75 minutes, and £11 for one and a half hours. I also offer private tuition from £40 per hour (or £55 for 90 mins) for groups of up to 3 people.


Q: Do i need to book/prepay?

A: Yes. To secure a permenant term-time-only space, classes need to be prepaid in monthly blocks, by the 20th before the start of the new block. For the payment schedules, please click here. Drop-in spaces need to be paid for at the time of booking. No bookings can be taken without payment. Private tuition needs to be paid for at time of booking. Private tuition only can be cancelled/refunded until 48 hours before the session. No refunds can be given on any other sessions. Please contact me if you would like a copy of the full terms and conditions.