Slow Flow - Moving slowly with the breath, powerful seqenced poses, suitable for beginners but includes options such as armbalances and headstands.


Vinyasa - Free-style flowing class, different each week.


Ashtanga Vinyasa - a dynamic, faster paced class based on the Ashtanga Primary Series: poses remain the same each week so you can develop your practice and see progress.


Intermediate - Exploring strength, arm-balancing, inversions, transitions and flexibility in greater depth... Not suitable for beginners.


Rocket - I am also qualified to teach Rocket in the lineage of Larry Schultz and can offer the 3 Rocket practices or  breakdown workshops on some of the signature sequences and transitions


Mandala - I have trained directly with Dulce Aguilar to be able to offer classes in her incredibly beautiful and flowing style, which unites asana with the meridian system and the energies of earth, air, fire and water, to leave you feeling rebalanced, energised and alive!


Yin - although i do not offer any regular yin classes, i have completed advanced teacher training in yin principles, and  how they can they can be integrated into vinyasa and can offer yin sessions on request.




All classes end with Savasana - a short relaxation and sometimes an optional head massage.




Personal Sessions: If you, your family or friends are interested in private or small group classes, if you would like to try an individual session before joining a class, or for help with an injury, particular pose or technique, get in touch to discuss availability. Zoom sessions available for private sessions.

Class Styles